Year of the Wood Dragon and our Smoking clay wood Dragon clay hand building workshop

In the Chinese culture the spring festival following the lunar (moon) New Year celebrates renewal in this culture. Using animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, on the 10th February 2024 we went in to the Year of the Dragon – specifically the Wood Dragon. This calendar is different to the Gregorian calendar we follow for our years and months.

The Dragon is considered a majestic and lucky creature in the Chinese folklore which represents bravery, creativity and invention. So, 2024 is due to be full pf potential opportunities for personal development and professional success.

If you are born in a Dragon year your personality will be charismatic, ambitious, adventurous and fearless – so watch out babies of 2024!

The Dragon is associated with the 5 elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each one gives the dragon different personalities and destinies. So going into this year of the Dragon it is the wood dragon. The element of Dragon (Chen) is earth (Wu) which gives stability, honesty and loyalty. The variable element of wood for 2024 is Yang wood which gives growth, creativity and flexibility.

The Wood dragon is the most creative and visionary of the dragons, they like to explore new ideas, challenge themselves, generous and loyal to their friends. It is predicted to be a great year to start new projects (oh great I can get away with trying out more things!) and go for new opportunities. It is considered a very special year as it’s a rare combination of the dragon’s power and Yang woods creativity. A year to pursue your dreams and show ideas and expand your horizons. The next time we will have such a year is in 2084, 60 years away, SO MAKE THE MOST OF THIS YEAR!

So, my clay workshop to teach you how to create your very own Smoking Dragon is very timely (by chance ish!) on Wednesday 21st February at 7pm or Friday 24th February at 1pm. Mine has leaf shaped wings, greatly representing trees and therefore wood in my mind! I do love trees, seeing them and using their leaves to create items in clay – a nod to the wood element of this year.

Come and create your very own majestic creative dragon. Lit up in your home with an incense cone, your dragon will breathe “smoke” from their nose, giving you luck and creative thoughts.

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