Potter’s Wheel

making a pot on the potters wheel

Learn to use a Potter's Wheel

Learning to throw your own pot on our potter’s wheel is very exciting. Whilst many of our customers arrive feeling nervous and worry about “messing it up”, you won’t as we are sat beside you guiding you through the process step by step.

You will how ever get a little messy as the clay often goes up your arms, so come in a short sleeve top or roll them up.

You will experience the thrill of turning a lump of clay into a unique pot between your hands. 
It takes a bit of hand eye coordination and lots of concentration, in doing this your mind will relax and clear too – it is very therapeutic!

Jane will start you off with a ball of clay and show you how to set it to the wheel to centre it, then to knead it – this is when it rises up and down in your hands to mix the clay.Then you will do this process too

With instructions you will then hollow out your pot and then pull it out to widen the pot.

From this stage you will then increase the height of your pot and then turn the base to finish it off.

All with step by step guidance.

On occasions we do need to put our hands over yours to help you feel the pressure, but we will ask if this is ok before we do.

Your thrown pot will stay on a drying board to dry out and then in 10 days time approximately we will fire it when we have a full kiln load.

We will arrange for you to return in 3 weeks time to paint it up. This will add colour and patterns of your choice.

We then glaze and fire it again to complete the finished thrown pot. Your creation is ready to collect a week after you paint it.

Aprons are provided.

Please note;
to tie back long hair
remove jewellery from hands and wrists before starting on the wheel
have short finger nails otherwise they will affect the result you achieve making your pot

You do get clay spray over you at times so please don’t wear anything you don’t wish to get clay on it. It does all wash off but best not to wear your best clothes etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon to get creative and throw a unique pot on the potters wheel here in Walton le Dale, Preston in our studio

See you soon!
Jane, Katy & Kelvin the kilns

How to Book and Prices

1 to 1 30 minute taster lesson to create a pot on our taster wheel days, including the firing of your pot, second session to paint it and have it glaze fired 4 U is £48 per person. To book these please hit the button below to see the dates.

1 to 1 30 minute taster lesson to create a pot in a private lesson, including the firing of your pot, second session to paint it and have it glaze fired for you is £58 per person.

Option to book time on our potters wheel to practice by yourself with a little bit of support from us after you have had a lesson with us is an option we are working out.

As we only have one wheel, Jane can only teach one person at a time. However you can book lessons back to back so you can come with your partner or friends.  As each person has a lesson the other/s can sit and watch you throw your pot. Watching each other is a great way to learn too.

To book a potters wheel lesson please call us on 01772 203060 or contact us here 


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What Our Customers Say

The Fired 4 U pottery studio is a very friendly place to visit. Jane and her team are on hand with smiley faces to help and encourage their customers. I have been a regular customer for several years and I have spent many hours happily engrossed in projects there. As someone with little previous experience in art and none in pottery and no training in either I have been amazed and delighted to see my own creative confidence grow over time.
Jane has a special way of designing workshops to enable customers to make a unique creation of which they can be proud. She makes herself available to help if needed for customers wanting to make their own creation too.
I would highly recommend a visit to Fired 4 U for some creative activity.
But be warned – it can be addictive!!
Margaret Walton

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