Copper Enamelling and Painted Canvas Party

Enjoy a different arty party with Fired 4 U, Enamelling on copper at low fire temperatures.

Our Copper enamel and painted canvas Birthday Party activity in Preston, Lancashire, gives the children the opportunity of an arty party even during Covid19 times as we are following the guidelines for out of school services for children. This does mean that the organising of these birthday parties is slightly different but they can be done which is great news. As and when guidelines / restrictions change we will amend how we operate these events. Details of the organising from your point of view is listed for you at the end of the information.

The finished enamelled canvas can be in place of the traditional party bag once the piece has been Fired 4 U. 
The special birthday child receives a one off personalised plate at their pottery painting birthday party here in Preston, created with the help of their guests and Fired 4 U (see terms and conditions)
To mark the occasion the Birthday child puts their hand print on the party wall in the studio and we turn it into an animal of their choice.

How to Book and Prices

Please call us direct on 01772 20 30 60 or contact us

This Copper enamelling activity is great fun for birthday parties. Enamel powders are applied to the copper shapes which include the much-loved glitter colour’s and are then fired in our mini electric oven.
The shapes of which vary from animals to regular shapes, you can add patterns and designs to each piece to make them very unique.
This low fire version of enamelling makes it safe for anyone to use and you can take your finished creation away with you on the day.

We will demonstrate how to prepare the copper and use the enamel colour’s and the different techniques which you can use to decorate this craft at Fired 4 U and then we will help you along the way.
Paint a 6 inch canvas with our acrylic paints to your own design, land, sea or abstract. Whilst this dries you then choose 3 shapes to enamel (please note the photo shows canvases with more than 3 enamelled pieces added). Then you choose to glue the shapes flat onto the canvas or have them raised up on pads. The canvases are ready to go home when you do.

For this package a minimum of 8 is required and includes;
  • invitations to send out before the party to your guests and guests must be 8/9 years upwards to do this party package. It takes a bit of mind and hand coordination to do it.
  • the enamel colour’s and all the tools to decorate with
  • up to an hour and 3/4 of studio time with assistance from one of our team
  • firing of the items and the canvas’
  • Free Birthday plate for the Birthday Child with 10 or more at the party. 
  • The Birthday Child puts their hand print on the party wall
  • Assistance from the Fired 4 U arty team
  • Disposable aprons are provided
  • If family members wish to paint items whilst or do copper enamelling while the children paint this can be arranged.
  • If you wish to have a party tea after enamelling you may have an additional half hour in which to do this. 
Party food

When having a party with us we allow you 30 minutes free use of the party table following the party if you are providing food. You are welcome to bring in food to suit your party or use the fish and chip shop next door who do children’s meal Inc. a drink or pizza takeaway facilities nearby. Please see below for opening times for these. You need to bring with you everything you require to serve any food or drink you provide. We just politely ask you to take and waste from the party tea home with you as we have limited bin space. We do have a cake knife and lighter which you are welcome to use.

Party Plate

Is there 10 or more in your party? Then we will give you a complimentary birthday plate for the Birthday child. This will can have your child’s hand print put on in the centre or we can paint a picture on it of their choice. The guests at the party then sign around the rim as a lasting memory. 

Can we have a birthday plate with less than 10 attending a party?

We can provide this for you at £15 for a plate with a hand print on & to be signed or £20 with a design painted on it & to be signed.

Terms and Conditions for Party Bookings at Fired 4 U following Govt guidelines for “other out of school services and activities with tuition and instruction”
  1. Minimum number of people is 8 is required to be eligible for the special packages during our opening times. For Primary school children only with a maximum of 15 from the same school bubble.
    If the group is made up of mixed bubbles they cannot sit together at one table and have to sit following households together guidelines in force at the time of the party. This may change frequently as the Government implement changes.
    This number includes maximum of 2 adults from the birthday child’s household or one other household within the school bubble. They can assist the children at the table if needed but cannot wander freely about the studio.
    No one is to wander freely round the studio nor pick up items other than on their table.
    Adults must wear face coverings when walking about.

    Contact numbers and names of people attending the party are required for each child and collected by the organisers and given to Fired 4 U for track and trace records held for 21 days.

    2a) Children cannot bring unnecessary items such as bags, phones, soft toys etc. Coats to be left with parents and bring when pick up child.

    2b) Arrival: via the right hand side front door
    Children brought to studio door and admitted – adults dropping the children off are to remain outside of the studio.

    Organiser/ party Parent to be by door in case parents have questions about pick up time etc.

    Children to Proceed to sink to wash hands or use own sanitiser.
    Put disposable apron on or come in clothes which won’t spoil. The powders do wash off.
    Then to sit at the party table and remain at the table at all times other than to go to the toilet.

    2c)Gifts brought for birthday child to be exchanged at the door and put in box / bag provided by the organiser and then put in the car once all have arrived – not to be piled in the studio.

    3c) Times available: After school, (not available 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month) Saturday 10am arrival, Sunday 10.30 or 11 am arrival only. Some weekends we may be able to offer a late afternoon time on the Saturday.

    1d) Food after the activity; provided by organiser, can only be put on the table after the craft items are removed and table sanitised whilst the children remain seated. Any associated rubbish / waste from this has to be removed and taken away by the organiser.

    1e) No food or drink is permitted on the table during the activity for the group to reduce mouth to hand contamination to the enamel pots and decorating tools which are shared by those attending the party.

    1f) End of party; children to be collected by parent at the door and signed out of track and trace.

  1. A deposit of £50 is required to secure the booking. Once the deposit is received invitations will be given out. This is non-refundable 30 days before the date of the party. If the party has to be rearranged due to covid19 a new date will be set and deposit withheld. If restrictions become so tight that this is no longer possible the family are able to use the deposit to come and paint together.
  2. Final numbers must be given no later than 4 days before the party and full payment must be made at this time. Numbers given at this point will be used for final payment unless the numbers increase on the day they will be charge accordingly. This can be done by card over the phone or in person at the studio.
  3. If some guests fail to attend the party no refund will be given. The attending parents are welcome to take up the place of the missing person on the day if you wish to
  4. Please note if your numbers are higher than first anticipated we may not be able to accommodate this change. Please consult us first before looking to increase your numbers.
  5. You are responsible for the children’s actions whilst attending the party.
  6. The provision of any food and drink after the activity is up to the party host and we require you to take home any rubbish associated with this. This must be kept in the car until required

In the event of illness, adverse weather conditions or unforeseeable circumstances we will look to re arrange the booking for you. The deposit is non-refundable.

Party Tea Contacts

The Contented Sole – the Fish and Chip shop next to our studio does Children’s meals in a box. At £2.50per person, choose from Food item plus chips and a choice of drink.

Opening times of Contented Sole
Wed-Friday 11.30-1.30pm and Evenings Wed -Fri 4.30 -8pm
We will inform them you are requiring meals before the party. Then orders can be placed on the day once you collect the orders from the guests as they arrive at the party using our order form. Payment by cash direct to The Contented Sole.

Pizza’s from Gusto Italia can be pre booked and collected by you, they are only 1 mile away from the studio. Open 12noon to 10pm. Deliveries to our studio available from 5.30pm on 01772 626652 – open 7 days.


How to book your party?
Please call us direct on 01772 20 30 60 or contact us

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What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Indigo’s party on Sunday.  She and all her guests had an amazing time and we can’t wait to see the results when Katie Kiln has finished doing her bit!!!!!  I would totally recommend birthday parties at Fired 4 U to anyone who is looking for a creative, entertaining and hassle-free party for their children. Thanks too for the voucher – really looking forward to using that!

Sarah and Indigo

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