About us

Hi I’m Jane and I was born and bred in Northumberland but I am now living in Preston Lancashire having travelled around the northern part of the UK a little bit, following a career managing hotels for most of my working life. I got to a point where things were drastically changing, customer service was going out of the window at the expense of the company solely looking to make money, not caring about the people who worked in it or used it as customers. This goes against my beliefs of helping others enjoy their time out and have a great experience with you. I set to looking for alternative roles within the catering industry getting pipped to the post every time. Whilst on holiday in 2005, I read an article about pottery painting studios, looked into it, found a course the next weekend. I went to the course, returning 2 days later announcing to my husband I was leaving the hotel to set up a pottery painting studio. It wasn’t quite that simple but it did happen and so Fired 4 U was born eventually in July 2006.

Crafts and music making have always been in my life, my parents encouraged my brother and me to explore our creativity trying out all sorts of crafts. I used to think this was normal for everyone but found that’s not the case on opening my studio. I’ve found 2 camps either people love it and do it at home or with us very happily or all too frequently children and adults have had negative experiences in school or elsewhere which puts them off having a go. I’ve been told by so many that they were kicked out of various classes at school or told they were no good at any of the art subjects so they have avoided it since and feel so negative about themselves and either won’t have a go or are reluctant to or think they will make a bad job of it before they start. That just makes my blood boil that someone has made anyone feel like that. The big benefit of doing any art is how great it is for your mental health, self-esteem, and wellbeing. It’s the doing it that is the important part, having fun together with others or by yourself with us.

Creating things or making things is so good for you. It’s fun and relaxing and helps you plan and work things out. It helps you relax and switch off from the challenges in your life and helps you recharge your batteries and calm your brain. At the same time it make you feel great. During Lockdown 2020 this is exactly why I ran a weekly art challenge for my customers, to give them something to focus on, to look forward to and try out each week, aiding their mental health. I think we all found out in the pandemic, how beneficial doing art or crafts of some sort was for our sanity.

Our studio is all about that, to make you feel welcome and at home, to have a go with confidence without being judged, just nurtured and encouraged to have a go. We stand by our motto “There is no such thing as a mistake in art, it is just a unique creation” which won’t exist anywhere else in the world so how special is that? Check out our pottery painting activity here or book your table to paint here now!

Then there is the creating I do for others, there are times when you want something bespoke that is maybe beyond your creative skills or you don’t have the time to stop to make it yourself at the moment. This is where I get to create pieces for you. Created 4 U is the other half of my lovely business helping other customers in a different way.

I just love to create handmade bespoke ceramic gifts as they are always different. It fits in with me perfectly as I’m told I’m different too. I don’t like the norm or following fashion or doing what’s expected of me. I love to be me and if that’s being different then that’s fine with me! So, the chance to create a one-off gift for you or something for you to give to someone to treasure, fills me with great delight and excitement.  I often take my inspiration from nature; leaves, trees and flowers or the colours and patterns they make. Or the thoughts of my customers who may have a specific idea in mind or just bits of one and bits from something else. We can work together to create a bespoke design 4 U!

An example of what I do; If you want a blue mug…. you may be in the wrong place as you can pop to the shops for one of those…… HOWEVER if you want a handmade / hand painted mug with “their” favourite saying on it or the pet names you use for each other or the favourite car logo or a favourite place, with their name and a personal message from you underneath and maybe a BLUE handle… then it can be created 4 U! So please, do have a look at my bespoke creations and see what you can find or message me and tell me what you are after with details and I’ll get back to you with answers / ideas and a price just for you.

Thank you for reading and I am so looking forward to welcoming you into our studio for some arty fun very soon

Best wishes Jane, Team Fired 4 U and Katy & Kelvin the kilns – the firing team.

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