As a nation we’ve been drinking tea for hundreds of years, originally from soaking leaves from around us in hot water to get the flavour in a pot over an open fire, to putting it in a pot to hold in our hands to warm, to eventually putting it in a teapot.
Using a tea pot positively adds to a tea beak and pause in your day. Hand crafted and painted tea pots add to the enjoyable experience of using hand crafted tea too.
These can be ordered direct from me here.

Do you find you get to the bottom of the “mug” and want more but you might not have time to boil that kettle again because you’ve started back at work or you need to crack on with task you were doing before you stopped for tea? When you use a stacking tea pot for one you can just fill up your cup again problem solved, it holds up to 2 cups of tea.

My pottery teapots come in different styles and sizes; the teapot holds up to 4 cups or my tea for one holds nearly 2 cups. This is a teapot which sits in the cup as a set, saving space and looks pretty in the kitchen by the kettle when not in use. This is a great option for brewing different teas with others or if it’s just you that likes tea. You could store it in the cupboard but my hand painted tea pots are best kept out ready for use by the kettle and they can be part of the kitchen décor too. They are far too nice to hide in a cupboard!

These are made from earthenware clay and will hold the heat. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher – just watch they don’t chip in there if they can rattle about like your other pottery pieces in there. I want you to be able to enjoy it for years to come. The design won’t wash off.

I set off designing my Hug for Mum teapot design when I struck up a collaboration with Marie Mulcahy,local Medical Herbalist. We met through a local business group called Lancs Local, set up by Amy to promote local businesses together to our local community across Lancashire. You can join this great group as a business or a customer. As a customer you get special discounts with the listed businesses and as a business you get great support and marketing of your business across Lancashire.

So back to Marie and I , we were chatting on a video call about her teas and my tea pots and before we knew it Marie had created a perfect tea for mums and I was inspired by the contents of the tea to create the design. I wanted to create an extra special design this year for my Mother’s day gift suggestion and beyond. As at the time of writing this we are in Lockdown 3 in the UK we all need extra nice gifts and lots of hugs!

The design is hand painted onto the pottery using one stroke colours which are almost pure pigments. Using one stroke painting techniques I created the Hibiscus flowers, Rosehips and leaves and the Bees. We all need bees as without them we’d have no plants. I am adding in a cute heart shaped hug token in green tied to the handle – it can be removed when received as a gift and kept close in a pocket or hung up somewhere. It’s Green because our heart chakra area is believed to be the colour green and Nettle leaves in the tea give great health to our hearts. Besides it also makes a change from red and it’s my way to be different. This teapot comes with a complimentary bag of this magic tea along with a cotton infuser bag which can be washed out after use and reused.

The tea which Marie has created and blended is called “Hug for Mum” here is why she created it as she has.

Marie asks “What would you expect from a hug? Something to uplift you, make you feel safe and feel unconditional love. How about getting this feeling with a cup of tea?

That’s a lot to ask from a cup of tea but “Hug for Mum” is no normal cup of tea.

This is a wild crafted herbal tea.  So, you are getting all the emotional benefits that nature provides us with from the herbs due my years of medical expertease.

My “Hug for Mum” tea, contains Rosehip, Hibiscus, Nettle, Orange flower and Lemon balm. These herbs collectively make you feel calm, uplift your mood, look after your heart and make you feel loved just like receiving a big hug. A great tea to have at hand in between hugs from family and friends.

I am delighted to collaborate with Jane Fox of Fired4u to add to her delightful offering for mums everywhere.

To find out more about Marie Mulcahy and her approach to life and health visit her website

You can order your “Hug for Mum” stacking tea pot complete with a bag of “Hug for Mum” tea here, as always other designs can be arranged just ask me.

Now maybe its time to go a brew a cup of tea. Thank you for reading please do leave comments below and let us know how you enjoy the tea.
Kind regards
Jane and Marie, Katy & Kelvin the kilns