You just never know what is going to land your way! Back in July I was out doing our weekly food shop when my phone pinged telling me I had a Twitter notification. Brian, who I met years ago when he came to see Stan who owned the chip shop next to my studio, had seen a tweet and thought of me, so had tagged me. It was from a journalist asking for women in ceramics business to get in touch for an article in a magazine. So I did, thinking I won’t be picked as there had been a lot of replies before mine but you have to enter to get a chance! Later that day I had a reply by email could I answer the 5 questions below covering basic info about me and Fired 4 U. A couple of days later I received another email and WOW I had been picked for a feature about a Business women owning a ceramics business to go in the Prima magazine. Well I jumped up and down with excitement! Eimear O’Hagan a freelance journalist arranged to call me to do an interview over the phone which lasted over 30 minutes. She then sent me the write up a few days later to check and make changes where necessary.

After this I had Jill Jennings on the phone who is a freelance photographer who does photo shoots for Prima when required. We arranged a date and time for her to come and take photos of me around the studio with and without customers. So I arranged for a few friends and their children to come and pose as painters. In the run up to this date a friend offered to do my hair and makeup – I’d not thought about that and Crissi did an amazing job on the day for me.

On the day it took nearly 2 and half hours for Jill to take the photographs; an hour or so just with me posing painting a cookie jar, smiling madly and sitting in strange positions to get great shots. Then over an hour with my friends posing as busy customers painting and myself helping them or showing them what to do. It was great fun and hard work, giving a great facial with the smiling muscles! Jill was so patient with everyone and planned each detail for each shot so many items in the studio were moved about to suit what was needed. We finished off with tea and cake whilst everyone then finished their pot painting. I felt very loved and supported by my husband, team and friends who made it all possible to do this photo shoot for the magazine. So the article and photos will be in the November issue of Prima which comes out officially on Friday 29th September and will be in the shops from 5-7th October.

Do let me know what you think of this and the magazine feature when it comes out.
Regards Jane, Katy & Kelvin the kilns