Stay Safe covid19

How to stay safe with us

If you have COVID19 symptoms or anyone in your household or social bubble has or you are waiting test results, or you are in self isolation / Track and Trace isolation, or have any other cold like symptoms you may not come into our studio.
Think of others at all times and keep us all safe????

Otherwise we are delighted to see you.


Limit number of bags, coats and preferably no cuddly toys

we appreciate young children seek their comfort – please limit to one and do not place anywhere other than on your table or to be held by its loving owner


You must arrive promptly as you have your table only for the set time slot and duration. If you arrive late this will reduce your painting time.

Time at your table

You must finish your painting and vacate your table on time with your time slot.

Face coverings & Gloves

Adults are required to wear a face covering on arrival until seated painting pottery or when moving about the studio. Please do not dispose of them in our bins. You must take them home with you.

Gloves – you still need to wash your hands regularly if you wear them.


Track and Trace records

We are required by law to collect and retain for 21 days names and contact details of everyone sitting in or outside on our tables. This applies to children and adults.

On arrival

Please either wash your hands at the sink or use your own sanitiser and thereafter should you touch your face, cough, sneeze etc.

When using the toilet please ensure hands are washed afterwards.


Movement about the studio

Please limit one person at the sink or toilet at any time.
Please use the taped areas on the floors to keep you and others safe. Walking about the studio other than choosing pottery, going to the sink or toilet or coming to the counter for assistance is to be avoided to keep everyone safe.
You must not take other items from other tables nor share yours with others.

Please do not move tables or chairs to other locations.



Please ensure they follow our safety rules to ensure their safety and that of others. They must remain seated at the table at all times after choosing their pottery or are using the toilet.



Are temporarily in storage during this time, however we have disposable ones should you prefer to wear one. The paints are water based and do wash off clothing.

To choose your pottery

EYES only please no touching or handling of pottery is allowed on the shelves. Make your decisions and sit back at your table. We will bring the pottery to you.


Paints & decorating tools

We will explain how to use these tools as normal but at a safe distance from your table. There are also instructions of how to paint on your table.



Additional different brushes are available please just ask us.

When you need assistance with your creation, we will still do this with you but with safety in mind will come to your table briefly to either advise or take the piece to do the rescue and return it to you.


Decorating tools

These are available for your use, please tell us what sort / shape / and we will offer you the selection and then once you have them on your table please keep them there.


At busy times full sets of light and dark colours will be on your table. These must not be shared between tables NOT from your group. At normal times you can choose your colours from the colour charts on the table and we will bring the paints to you.
Failure to follow our changed ways of working is going against Government law, regulations, guidelines, our Risk assessments and EHO approval to operate this way. In this instance you will be asked politely to leave our premises as you could be potentially endangering others during the pandemic.