Stay Safe covid19

How to stay safe with us

If you have COVID19 symptoms and you are waiting for test results, or you are in self isolation / Track and Trace isolation,
you may not come into our studio.
Think of others at all times and keep us all safe

Otherwise we are delighted to see you.


Limit number of bags, coats and preferably no cuddly toys

we appreciate young children seek their comfort – please limit to one and do not place anywhere other than on your table or to be held by its loving owner



Please arrive promptly as you have your table only for the set time slot of 2 hours. If you arrive late this will reduce your painting time. On the day if we are able to depending on bookings we will endeavour to accommodate longer painting times if possible. It is now possible to drop in without pre booking and we will accommodate time at the table as flexible as we are able to at the time


Time at your table

You must finish your painting and vacate your table on time with your time slot.


Face coverings & Gloves

Face coverings are as of 28th January 2022 no longer legally required. They can be worn at your discretion



Track and Trace records

Our table plan acts as a track and trace record should this be required with what the guidance/regulations are at the time of your visit. The NHS app scan code is still available if you wish to use it. 


On arrival

Please either wash your hands at the sink or use your own sanitiser and thereafter as and when you go to choose stamps and decorating tools from the drawers, many thanks


Movement about the studio

Please limit one person at the sink or toilet at any time.
Please use the taped areas on the floors to keep you and others safe. Walking about the studio is allowed, just be mindful of other customers space.
We prefer you must not take other items from other tables nor share yours with others.

Please do not move tables or chairs to other locations.



Please ensure they follow our safety rules to ensure their safety and that of others. 



 We have varioius sizes of waterproof aprons available. After use they sanitised and cleaned.  The paints are water based and do wash off clothing.


To choose your pottery

EYES only please no touching or handling of pottery is allowed on the shelves. Please view the wide selection we have then take a seat back at your table, We will bring the pottery to you. Then we can explain how to use the paints and the decorating tools


Paints & decorating tools

We will explain how to use these tools as normal . There are also instructions of how to paint on your table.



Additional different brushes are available please just ask us.

When you need assistance with your creation, we will assist as much as possible by your table with you.


Decorating tools

These are available for your use, you can freely choose them after washing your hands. Then once you have them on your table please keep them there. We ask that you rinse off all that you use to do the activity at our sink before you leave thanks



There are a full set colours on your table. We prefer you not to share between tables NOT from your group. You have a colour chart on the table to help you choose. If you run out of a colour please as us to top your bottle up. Do not help yourself from another table thanks


We continue to follow our Risk assessments and EHO approval to operate this way. We ask you to join us in these practices to keep everyone safe going forwards this year