I’ve painted many commissions over the years, all unique of course but never a proposal plate. I had a table booked on the 5th Feb for 2 adults to use their Christmas gift vouchers for 2 clay sessions. Following the booking Rick called and asked if it would be ok if he proposed to his girlfriend in our studio with the help of a proposal plate. What an honour I thought. So I created the plate with the required details and on the day I also had a part to play.

On arrival Rick managed to slip me the ring box and then I went through how to build with clay with them and helped them choose what they were going to create. They both needed a wine bottle to wrap their clay around for the shape so I retrieved these from the kiln room – but really I came out with “The plate” with the engagement ring on it and put it in front of Debbie without her realising and Rick was straight down on one knee popping the all important question. Caitlin and I were holding our breathe….. Debbie read the plate and saw Rick on one knee all at once, she was taken by surprise. With a big grin filling her face she said a very happy “of course I will” whilst they hugged and kissed we grabbed a tissue – rather an emotional moment and very touched we were asked to play a part in it. After all this it’s quite hard to get creative so we served pots of tea all round until the heart rates came back down and then the clay time started.

The plate … well it’s going to hang in their new summer house which they are building in the garden as a lovely reminder.