Clay hand building at home


This is to place an order to create at home – this option is for collecting from Fired 4 U studio once you have placed

Return date to collect you clay after firing can be arranged when its been fired

Recommended only if you have attended a clay session with us before (but entirely up to you if you'd like to have a go any way)- its not to be messed about with. You CANNOT remash it up if you change your mind of what to create. If you have air bubbles trapped in it these can blow the piece up in firing and not only break your creation and others that are in the kiln with it.

This will provide you with a piece of clay (best guess 800grams)  from the clay block for a portion of clay which we use in our workshops. It will be wrapped and bagged to stop it drying out - but it won't stay wet and useable for ever so don't delay in creating with it.
You will also have a small pot of slip so you can attach pieces together and a wood stick as a tool to do this or cut it.
The rest is up to you and we will give you a sheet with a few instructions.

The Price below includes the clay and slip and clay firing

or you can choose it with a set of 5 clay paints to apply to the dried clay surface. (These are different paints to the pottery paints needed for the pottery painting kits.) The pottery can then be fired with the colour on it and then glazed and fired before you collect it

The clay creations need to be returned to Fired 4 U for the clay firing

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Just clay & slip & firing, Clay & slip & clay colours & glaze firing