Do you know that we run clay sessions where you can come and create an item by hand? You can make all sorts of things by hand with clay without needing a potters wheel. When customers book in to work with clay I always suggest they arrive with some ideas, then I can help them get creating quickly. Though I do always wonder with some trepidation sometimes, especially with the children, what I am going to be asked.

Back in March ( I’ve been meaning to write about this for sometime!) a couple booked in to work with clay at one of our adults evenings. , bare in mind whilst reading this they had not worked with clay before. “Claire” had a few ideas on a pinterest board when she booked and her husband was coming to keep her company. On the night “Claire” wished to make a vase with an abstract Poppy on it, so I got her started straight away making a slab pot. Then I turned to “Rob” and asked what he wished to make and he said ” I want to build an Igloo!” Well that caught me out and I am embarrassed to say I laughed and giggled at his wish – not at him I may add but I’ve never been asked to help create an Igloo before and all I could think of was the movie Frozen and the phrase “Do you want to build a snowman?” On composing my self quickly, I said “ok and what has inspired you to make an Igloo?” “It’s for my rats to play in, in their cage” said Rob quite naturally. And why not indeed! So I rapidly thought an igloo shape is basically ‘a bowl upside down with a tunnel on the side’. So I got “Rob” making a squeeze pot bowl to create the main part of the Igloo. They both had great fun making their pieces. I used to say I’m never surprised or shocked with a customer’s idea for a creation but I was that night. On their return to paint their pieces after the clay had been dried and fired so it could be painted, “Ann” did a super job on her vase and the lucky rats even got graffitti to read inside their Igloo. You just never know where creativity will take you and I shall treasure this memory for many years to come.

So if you fancy creating with clay do book in and see if you can surprise me with your creation ideas!


Written for #Nationalwritingday 2017 which inspired me to get blogging again and #tellyourstory.